La información que hay que tener cuando no sabes como llegar desde un lugar a otro.
The information that must be taken when getting from one place to another.


El objetivo de esta página es ayudar a los viajeros a encontrar sus mejores opciones de transporte al arribar a una ciudad nueva. Esta página se actualiza constantemente gracias al aporte y la colaboración de viajeros y cibernautas de todo el mundo. Desde ya, se agradece vuestra ayuda.

jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Means of transport in India

How to get from... in India?

The transport system is one of the most important systems of the country which play a vital role for maintaining the economic growth. As India is a large country, its transport sector is also very vast. It contributes a large percentage to India’s GDP. However, the transport system of India consists of many transport means like buses, railways, airways and more, which we are going to explain in this article.

·        Railways

IndianRailways is considered as one of the largest railway system in the world that is controlled by the single management. Not only the largest transport system but the railways system of India stands among the largest employers of the world. Indian rail transport system is used for carrying the passengers (daily goers, business workmen, people going to pilgrimages and many others) as well as goods across the entire country.

Railway is an inexpensive means of transport in India and most of the major cities are connected by the railways.

·        Road transportation

The road transportation is the dominant means of transportation in India. You will be surprised to know that about 90 percent of the passengers in India travel through Road transport means. These means include Indian buses, cars, bikes, trucks, cycles, rickshaws and some others. All the cities and villages in India are connected through roads; however the quality varies as you move from bigger cities to the rural areas. The upper class people have their own vehicles whereas the medium and lower class people prefer to travel through the buses which can be private or public. Though, development has been done in the villages but still some villages are not getting the facility of these transportation means.

·        Indian Airlines

Air transport means are the most expensive transportation means in India but are also the fastest ones. As compared to the railways which are used to transport the heavy materials, the air transport means are used for the transportation of light weight products.
Air transportation means are considered as the luxurious means of transport which is preferred by the high class people. Aeroplanes and helicopters are the means of air transport that carry the passengers and goods not only within the country but also to overseas.
There are many agencies in India that deal in providing air transport facilities and IndianAirlines is on the top preferred list. It has been formed by merging the seven airline agencies including Bharat Airways, Airways India, Deccan Airways and more.

·    Rivers and Seas 

The water transport means in India include ships, steamers and boats. As there are many seas, rivers and oceans in India, the heavy goods are transported through waterways.  India has many famous ports that are dealing in the trade before the freedom times. India is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal which serves as the big waterways for overseas transportation.
Water transport means are slow as compared to other transportation means but they provide the inexpensive transportation services over the long distances.

jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

Europe best cruise destinations

Cruise destinations.

Recent years have seen a significant increase in the popularity of cruise holidays globally, another way of travelling. The importance of cruise holidays in the European market remains high, with an increasingly large number of cruise tourists with high purchasing power.

Costa Classica in Mediterranean Harbour

Cruise itineraries for the best European destinations are regularly on offer. The Mediterranean is, of course, the main point of the cruise vacations in Europe, with the promise of summer sun and a famous cuisine to go along with beautiful sites in countries like Italy and Greece. However, there are often a few surprises when looking for the best cruise destinations in Europe. Three of the best and smallest destinations are detailed here.

Corfu, Greece.

Although it is one of the most popular destinations in Mediterranean cruises, the island of Corfu in Greece still has a maritime feeling due to the relatively small size of the island and the lack of expansive urban development. Which does not happen in a number of cruise ports in Europe. Cities like Rome or Athens, have rich resources in terms of urban attractions, but a smaller destination, far from the bustle of a capital city, is often more rewarding in terms of approaching the local culture and experience the full feeling of a cruise vacation. In these terms, Corfu has plenty to offer cruise visitors. With an excellent landscape, an extensive collection of historical and cultural elements, excellent local cuisine, its beaches and the remains of an ancient civilization can be enjoyed in Corfu, a pearl amongst Mediterranean cruise destinations.

Corfu Old Fortress

Bergen, Norway.

The Nordic region of Europe is a contrast to the Mediterranean regions that attract sun lovers, but for cruise travelers who appreciate magnificent landscapes and enjoy the local culture, are likely to find a cruise along the coast of  Western Norway, through the famous Norwegian fjords, its main attraction. From the Norwegian capital, Oslo, also depart popular cruises, although cruise Bergen safely ensure the best access and the best views of such famous fjords.

Norwegian Fjord
The local fishing communities are also open to allow access in a country as easy to manage as Norway, and a cruise from Bergen along the Norwegian coast and in the Baltic Sea is likely to involve close contact with these small but bustling northern centers with a strong tradition in nature and craftsmanship.

Madeira, Portugal.

Cruise routes that include Madeira start and end at the port of Lisbon, so it is always advisable to visit the Portuguese capital for a few days and reserve a hotel in Lisbonbefore starting the cruise trip to Madeira.

Island native footballer Ronaldo, is among the best cruise destinations in Europe. This destination stands out for receiving cruise ships during the whole year and is far away from the bustle of the mainland, the Portuguese island in the Atlantic, is a cruise destination with a taste of the clear island, coupled with cultural ties with the Europe from the past.

Funchal Bay, Madeira

The climate, influenced by the Gulf Stream, is such that the local landscapes and culinary traditions benefit from its effects, with live natural beauty and a range of fresh ingredients from which locals create some renowned dishes such as the cabbage soup or espetada. The island has become a popular holiday spot for sun worshipers and a cruise stop that brings a combination of freshness together with the local festivals.

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